Criminal Justice Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin pumps out around 2.4 billions of cheese each year, but the Dairy State also produces its fair share of criminal justice professionals. Criminal justice schools in Wisconsin help students obtain an in-depth understanding of criminal offending and how the justice system handles such cases.

Criminal justice programs require students to pursue coursework in a wide range of areas, including policing, the courts, juvenile justice, corrections, and criminology. Certificates are available, as well as degrees from the associate’s to doctoral level. Advanced degrees in the field are appropriate for students who would like to pursue leadership positions or jobs in research and teaching.

Graduates of WI criminal justice schools may qualify for a wide range of job opportunities including police officer, security guard, paralegal, parole officer, probation officer, case worker, victim’s advocate, and bailiff. Cities in which criminal justice graduates may find work include Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, and Appleton. Explore criminal justice schools in Wisconsin now to start paving the path to fulfilling employment in the field today!

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