Criminal Justice Careers: Public Sector

Public sector criminal justice careers

Considering the career fields in criminal justice? The public sector careers in criminal justice offer a wealth of opportunities to well trained candidates with the right background and training. Providing security, challenges, and the chance to protect and serve, there are numerous available public-sector careers in criminal justice.

List of Public Sector Careers

Here are just a few of the careers you might pursue as a graduate with a degree in criminal justice, criminology, or a related field:

Probation or Correction Officer. Enjoy helping people? Probation and correction officers work with criminal offenders to keep them safe and help them rehabilitate when they re-enter society.

Paralegal. With numerous government agencies churning out mountains of documents, paralegals remain essential in providing research and organizational assistance.

Court Officer. As a court officer, you will literally be the one to restore order in the court. Court officers are tasked with protecting the judge, jury, and other individuals during court proceedings.

Police Officer or State Trooper Although competition can be fierce, and the application process intensive, there is high demand for college-educated police officers, sergeants, and detectives.

Social Worker or Caseworker. This is a demanding job, but the rewards can be extraordinary for compassionate individuals dedicated to helping others.

Homeland Security Agent This challenging career track tasks well-trained candidates with protecting the safety and security of the country’s population and infrastructure.

Forensic Psychologist In the public sector, grads with a background in both criminal justice and psychology can help to shape public systems and policies. For those with graduate degrees, positions are often available in correctional facilities and state or federal institutions.

Why Choose Public Sector Careers in Criminal Justice

The benefits of working in the public sector often reside in…well, the benefits! Perhaps that’s why most people instantly associate state and federal jobs with excellent health coverage. As a criminal justice public servant, you will also enjoy the stability that comes with working for an employer that’s not going anywhere.

Aside from that, job prospects in many criminal justice careers are excellent. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, direct spending for police, corrections, and other criminal-justice related activity rose steadily between 1982 and 2004. You might also be interested to learn that local governments beat out both state and federal governments in criminal justice-related spending over the same period.

Are you ready to get started? The key to landing the criminal justice career of your choice is to isolate the subfield of criminal justice in which you want to work, seek the educational training you need, and then hit the job market. Good luck!