Criminal Justice Careers: Private Sector

Private sector criminal justice careers

With multiple versions of CSI drawing the ratings on TV, it’s safe to say that criminal justice, as a field, is in the public eye. Of course, the real world of criminal justice is a little different from what you see during prime time. Believe it or not, most crime scene investigators have a single area of specialty—and it usually takes more than a half hour to get results. Nevertheless, criminal justice continues to be an exciting and rewarding field.

List of Private Sector Careers

Think you have what it takes have a criminal justice private sector career? There are many career fields available to you in private sector careers in criminal justice once you’ve earned a criminal justice or criminology degree. In fact, the field is so diverse, there’s literally a job for nearly every personality. Here’s some information on just a few:

Private detective. Sometimes life is more complicated than fiction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private detectives often have a background in their particular area of expertise, whether it’s military intelligence, insurance, or another specialty. This is a growing, but increasingly competitive, career field.

Paralegal. This is the ideal criminal justice private career for those who pay careful attention to detail; paralegals assist busy attorneys with both research and record-keeping.

Forensic scientist. Forensic scientists are typically trained in the hard sciences-biology, chemistry, etc.–and play a vital role in the collection and analysis of criminal evidence.

Forensic psychologist Many professionals arrive in this field after taking college courses in both criminal justice and psychology. Typically, one must have a master’s degree to qualify for most positions.

Private Security Agent. Iris-scanning technology. Cell phones that double as credit cards. You can’t read the news nowadays without learning about some new development in the realm of security. This is a hot field with excellent prospects. Private security agents work in areas as diverse as banking, intellectual property, and education.

Criminal Lawyer. An option for those with a law degree and a background in criminal justice. A number of students who choose criminal justice as their college major move on to get law degrees. This serves as excellent preparation for a career in criminal law.

From banks and law firms to retail outlets and the postal service, the variety of private sector careers in criminal justice available is remarkable. After all, we’re a security-minded society. By investing in an undergraduate or graduate degree in criminal justice, you’ll go a long way toward securing your future in a rewarding career.