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Police. Homeland Security. Crime scene investigators. Private detectives. Security guards. Individuals that work in these fields are the guardians of our lives, the stewards of our safety, and the bedrock upon which the justice system is built.

Our site is a resource dedicated to students seeking a criminal justice education. If you are interested in helping to make our world a safer place, a criminal justice degree can assist you in getting your career on the right track. Start your criminal justice research today!

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PhD in Criminal Justice

PhD in Criminal Justice

Earning a PhD in criminal justice can help you to develop the advanced competencies needed to pursue leadership positions in criminal justice, law enforcement, and related fields. A doctorate in criminal justice is required for careers in research, teaching, and scholarship, and typically takes around three to four years of study and research beyond a […]

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Criminal Justice Programs

Criminal Justice Certificate

Available at both the undergraduate and graduate level, criminal justice certificate programs can help you to increase your knowledge of the criminal justice system and build cutting-edge skills in criminal forensics, cyber crime or other specialties that are tailored to your career interests. A certificate provides students with expertise in criminal justice while proving to […]

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Associate's degree in cirminal justice

Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Providing students with a solid foundation in the theories and techniques used in law enforcement, corrections, and security, an associate’s degree in criminal justice can prepare you for direct entry into careers in law enforcement, corrections, and other areas of the criminal justice field. It may also serve as a foundation for you to continue […]

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Bachelor's in criminal justice

Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

A criminal justice bachelor’s degree gives you an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice field and has a strong liberal arts component in order to develop your communication, critical analysis, abstract thinking, and problem-solving skills. Bachelor’s programs generally consist of 120 credit hours and take about four years to complete. Many state, federal, and corporate […]

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Masters degree in cirminal justice

Master’s in Criminal Justice

A master’s in criminal justice can help you enter the field of criminal justice or advance your current criminal justice career. A growing emphasis on education in law enforcement, as well as increasing concerns about homeland security, have led to a rising demand for highly educated criminal justice professionals. Offered at colleges and universities across […]

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