Criminal Justice Schools in Ohio

Ohio has been the center of many an important criminal case, including the arrest of notorious kidnapper Ariel Castro. From Cleveland to Columbus, criminal justice colleges in Ohio prepare students for a broad range of careers in the court system, corrections, and law enforcement.

Awarding everything from certificates and associate’s degrees to doctorate degrees, criminal justice schools in Ohio provide a well-rounded liberal arts education drawing from a broad range of disciplines while building upon core criminal justice courses, such as criminology, policing, correctional counseling, and juvenile justice. Students may pursue a specialty in the field to develop advanced competencies in specific areas, such as law enforcement, corrections, forensic science, and cybercrime.

After graduating, students may qualify for employment opportunities such as probation officer, police officer, forensic scientist, criminologist, substance abuse counselor, and homeland security officer. Cities in Ohio where criminal justice graduates can find jobs include Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. If you would like to play a role in protecting our citizens and upholding the law, start exploring the OH criminal justice schools featured below.

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