Criminal Justice Schools in Nebraska

Prepare for a variety of careers in the criminal justice field at one of the criminal justice schools in Nebraska. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more to the Cornhusker State than cornfields. Nebraska is home to several cute towns, as well as the vibrant and bustling cities of Omaha and Lincoln. Other cities where you can seek employment include Omhaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Fremont, and Kearney.

Students at criminal justice colleges in Nebraska have the option to pursue a certificate or degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level. Courses that criminal justice programs may offer include criminology, juvenile justice, ethics in criminal justice, and courts and the judicial process. Criminal justice is a diverse field with a broad range of employment opportunities.

Entry-level positions that graduates with a certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree may qualify for include corrections counselor, parole officer, police officer, security officer, and court administrator. A master’s or doctoral degree may prepare you for careers in research or college-level teaching. Learn more about NE criminal justice schools on our site now to start building your future as a criminal justice professional.

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