Massachusetts Criminal Justice Degrees and Schools

Steeped in history and replete with excellent institutions of higher education, Massachusetts is an ideal place to pursue a college degree. Criminal justice schools in Massachusetts equip aspiring criminal justice professionals with the skills, knowledge, and work habits needed to qualify for an array of positions in the field.

A certificate or degree at the associate’s or bachelor’s level may prepare you for entry-level jobs, while a master’s or doctoral degree might qualify you for careers in research or college-level teaching. Criminal justice colleges in Massachusetts offer courses in crime and criminals, criminal law, criminal behavior, correctional counseling, and juvenile justice system.

Many graduates of criminal justice programs find employment in Boston or neighboring Cambridge. There are also jobs available throughout the Bay State, in cities like Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Newton, New Bedford, Quincy, and Somerville. With a criminal justice degree, you could seek a variety of positions, including security guard, forensic technician, police officer, investigator, and probation officer, among others. If you want to train for a meaningful career that enables you to make a difference in your community, learn more about MA criminal justice schools on our site today.

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