Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland

Interested in attending a criminal justice school in Maryland? Whether you want to enter the criminal justice field or advance your current career, a criminal justice degree program can help you reach your goals. Potential jobs for criminal justice graduates include probation officer, parole officer, corrections officer, police officer, forensic science technician, caseworker, and paralegal.

There are various levels of criminal justice degrees offered in the Free State. At criminal justice colleges in Maryland, students can earn certificates, as well as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Courses that you may be required to take include courts and criminal procedure, fundamentals of criminal law, corrections, criminal investigation, and police systems and practices.

Maryland is often referred to as Little America, because it is like a microcosm of our nation. Graduates of criminal justice programs may live in the suburbs and commute to DC to work at federal criminal justice agencies or help bring down the high crime rate in Baltimore. Students with a master’s or doctoral degree in criminal justice may qualify for teaching and research positions. If you would like to pursue a criminal justice career, explore MD criminal justice schools on our site today.

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