Criminal Justice Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana has the highest rate of incarceration in the United States, making corrections a popular career choice throughout the Bayou state. Criminal justice colleges in Louisiana strive to provide students with the skills and expertise needed to reduce crime and protect public safety in their community. If you would like to obtain the skills needed to pursue a rewarding career in the criminal justice field, consider exploring LA criminal justice schools.

Intending to impart students with a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, criminal justice degree programs typically culminate in a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Courses offered include criminology, constitutional law, forensic science, and correctional systems and practices, among others. Criminal justice positions that typically require a master’s degree include forensic psychologist, criminologist, college professor, and upper management/administration.

Other jobs that graduates of criminal justice colleges in Louisiana may qualify for include investigator, police officer, probation officer, criminal law paralegal, and immigration officer. Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Monroe, and Shreveport are some of the cities in Louisiana where graduates of LA criminal justice schools may find work. Take the next step in your career by browsing the criminal justice schools in Louisiana featured below.

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