Criminal Justice Schools in Iowa

The criminal justice field encompasses challenging career opportunities in a wide range of areas, including law enforcement, corrections, courts, and forensics. Criminal justice schools in Iowa provide a broad liberal arts education for students who are interested in helping to maintain the safety and security of our society.

Criminal justice programs are offered from the certificate to the doctoral level. Courses may include study in criminal law, theories of crime and delinquency, police and police systems, and law and the courts. Many state and local criminal justice agencies will hire candidates with at least an associate’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree is required for most jobs at federal agencies. A master’s degree is required for many supervisory roles, while a doctoral degree is the norm for research and university faculty jobs.

Upon graduating from an IA criminal justice school, students may find work as detectives, security guards, rehabilitation counselors, caseworkers or FBI agents. Cities where criminal justice graduates might work include Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, and Davenport. If you would like to build a criminal justice career in the Hawkeye State, explore criminal justice colleges in Iowa on our site today.

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