Criminal Justice Careers
Paralegal profile

A Paralegal Profile: Myra Rivera

Her paralegal story starts out a little uniquely; Myra Rivera never planned to become a paralegal. “I actually didn’t choose it. It kind of chose me,” she says. But while she was in college, she got a job working at a law firm. “I was studying a social work major, but I really needed a […]

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Starting salaries in criminal justice

Starting Salaries in Criminal Justice: How Much Can You Make?

In a field as diverse as criminal justice, there is a wide array of possible career paths, each with its own pros and cons. Here’s the good news: the need for professionals with a background in criminal justice is predicted to show continued growth for the foreseeable future. That’s according to the Bureau of Labor […]

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Patent law and the paralegal

Patent Law and The Paralegal: Fighting to Protect Creativity

Patent administration is one of fastest growing and highest paid areas of legal administration. Qualified patent paralegals (also called patent specialists or patent secretaries) are in high demand—and can earn up to 50% more than the average paralegal, making patent law an excellent job for paralegals. If you are currently in a paralegal program, and […]

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Homeland security careers

Explore the Many Ways to Make the USA a Safer Place: A Career in Homeland Security

After the events of September 11, 2001, many were stirred to action. Some joined the armed forces. Others became police officers and firemen after watching the heroic acts of that day. Not long after the towers fell, the U.S. government decided to do even more to protect our shores and established the Department of Homeland […]

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Public sector criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice Careers: Public Sector

Considering the career fields in criminal justice? The public sector careers in criminal justice offer a wealth of opportunities to well trained candidates with the right background and training. Providing security, challenges, and the chance to protect and serve, there are numerous available public-sector careers in criminal justice. List of Public Sector Careers Here are […]

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Private investigator profile

A Private Investigator Profile

Before the forensic scientist was all over TV (CSI, anyone?), the criminal justice stars of the day were nearly all Private Detectives. From the Rockford Files to Moonlighting to Magnum, P.I., there were almost more private detectives on television than there were in the field. While a private detective job may not be in the […]

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Private sector criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice Careers: Private Sector

With multiple versions of CSI drawing the ratings on TV, it’s safe to say that criminal justice, as a field, is in the public eye. Of course, the real world of criminal justice is a little different from what you see during prime time. Believe it or not, most crime scene investigators have a single […]

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Doing Yourself Justice: Resumes That Showcase Your Skills

It’s tempting to think of the criminal justice field as recession-proof. “The more laws, the more offenders,” isn’t a bumper sticker slogan. The line made its first published appearance in 1732, in Gnomologia: Adages and Proverbs, a book compiled by Thomas Fuller, a British physician. It’s reasonable to assume, though, that as long as there […]

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