Criminal Justice Schools in Arizona

Safety and security are important issues in Arizona’s communities. From Phoenix to Tucson, criminal justice schools in Arizona provide students with a deeper understanding of criminal justice and security best practices while helping them advance their careers. Graduates may qualify for jobs at the local, state or federal level, or go on to pursue advanced study in criminal justice or related fields.

Criminal justice colleges in Arizona offer everything from associate’s degrees, to certificates, to doctoral degrees. Programs are available both in person and online. Areas of study that you may pursue in a criminal justice program include law enforcement, corrections, courts, and criminal justice administration. Most jobs at the state or federal level require at least a bachelor’s degree. Though having a degree is not required for some local criminal justice jobs, candidates with degrees tend to hold a competitive edge.

Career opportunities for criminal justice graduates in Arizona are vast and varied. Potential jobs that might be available to criminal justice degree holders include corrections officer, investigator, customs agent, police detective, substance abuse counselor, and security officer. Explore AZ criminal justice schools on our site today to start building your future as a criminal justice professional.

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