Criminal justice schools

Criminal Justice Schools: Choosing the Right School for You

When you start researching potential criminal justice schools, whether undergraduate or graduate, you may be surprised by the sheer number of options from which you have to choose. In part, ...

Hot criminal justice degree disciplines

Criminal Justice Degree Disciplines: What’s Hot

Interested in getting into one of the hot criminal justice jobs? As the world grows ever more complex, the process by which justice is administered follows suit. For that reason, ...

Public sector criminal justice careers

Criminal Justice Careers: Public Sector

Considering the career fields in criminal justice? The public sector careers in criminal justice offer a wealth of opportunities to well trained candidates with the right background and training. Providing ...

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Police. Homeland Security. Crime scene investigators. Private detectives. Security guards. Individuals that work in these fields are the guardians of our lives, the stewards of our safety, and the bedrock upon which the justice system is built.

Our site is a resource dedicated to students seeking a criminal justice education. If you are interested in helping to make our world a safer place, a criminal justice degree can assist you in getting your career on the right track. Start your criminal justice research today!

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Crime Scene Investigation Schools

Crime Scene Investigation Schools: Real Life CSI

Crime scene investigators are forensic science technicians that assist in the processing of crime scenes. They collect, preserve, package, transport, and document physical evidence in scenes that range from burglaries to homicides. While some agencies and organizations only require crime scene investigators to have a high school diploma, the majority of employers prefers candidate to […]

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Forensic Science Colleges

Forensic Science Colleges: From Crime Scene to Courtroom

Forensic science is the application of science to the law. Encompassing courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and law, forensic science degrees can prepare you for a scientific career investigating crime. Forensic science technicians may work as crime scene analysts, who collect evidence from the crime scene; forensic analysts, who perform scientific analysis in laboratories; criminalists, […]

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Homeland Security Degrees

Homeland Security Degree: Upholding the Security of Our Nation

Get a solid foundation in planning, implementing, and managing security operations for the country at the local, state, and national level by obtaining a homeland security degree. Homeland security schools prepare students to aid in the protection of our country. Owing to an increase in natural disasters and the ongoing threat of terrorism, the demand […]

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Paralegal Degree

Paralegal Degree: Becoming the Legal Backbone

Paralegal schools train students to perform legal support tasks in order to assist lawyers with organizing their files and conducting research. Legal specialties that paralegals can focus on include intellectual property law, government law, real estate law, and international law, among others. Read on to discover whether earning a paralegal degree and entering the legal […]

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Bachelor Science Criminal Justice vs Bachelor Arts

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice vs. Bachelor of Arts

There are two types of bachelor’s in criminal justice available – the BA in criminal justice and the BS in criminal justice. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is ideal for students who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the field and explore the theory and practice of criminal justice in today’s society. […]

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